frēijē engineered solutions company


frēijē engineered solutions company has been a member of trueU, a non-profit business organization founded on the principles of investing in relationships, serving others and growing leaders since 2014.

The trueU movement inspires a greater purpose in business and equips businesses with resources to grow their people and enhance their culture. Through our trueU membership, our team members will have opportunities to connect, serve and grow alongside other trueU member companies.  As a member of trueU, all frēijē engineered solutions company team members will have access to participate in world-class leadership and self-improvement programs, networking events, and more.  You will also have access to the trueU learning portal, a website which hosts leadership and development classes that you can take online or sign up to take in a live classroom setting. Investing in our team members is important to frēijē engineered solutions company and we are looking forward to participating in the trueU movement!

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