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Why frēijē engineered solutions company

frēijē engineered solutions company has 50+ years of in-house engineering expertise. This wealth of experience is readily accessible by our high-quality service technicians, saving you time and money when by tapping into it, without leaving the job site.

We Build Careers & Community Leaders


frēijē engineered solutions company is crazy about creating careers, so much so, we are trying to eradicate jobs. We are investing time, energy, and resources into a culture that provides opportunities for team members, along the path they value, so they have a home for the rest of their career. We realize for this culture to come into fruition, we need full participation, with everyone leading from their seats. We remove statements like, “That’s not my job” from our vocabulary and jump in to help each other when workloads flex. Sound intriguing?


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We work quickly to resolve issues before they cost our clients productivity & money.

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